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Liar liar

I lie. almost all the time, about virtually everything. I don't believe people want the truth, that they're just asking out of politeness. Very few people are worthy of the whole truth about anything anyway. Places like this, I don't have to lie because it's highly improbable any of you will meet me, recognise me, or even give a fuck.

It's powerful to withold information, it makes me feel safe and untouchable; like I could ghost out and nobody would ever be able to find me. I even lie to and hide stuff from my my partner and we've been together for almost a decade.

I lie about how I feel, where I work, where I was born, when I was born, my name, hobbies, what I study, who my friends are and how many, the music I like, the movies I like, the car I drice, what I did on the weekend, where I live, whether I like sex, who I'm attracted to, what I ate, my parents, my military service, how much money I make...the list goes on.

It's an art to lie skilfully. sometimes it's withholding information. Other times it's diverting attention. And sometimes it's about creating a smokescreen, using the weapon of apparent openness and being 'technically' truthful as camouflage. It's a game that I always win.