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My girlfriend ignored me. Sad. I wonder why. I wonder..I wonder. I hope I could have healthy relationship with her but now it's destroyed. It's useless. Communicating with her, useless. Being sad, useless. Being not sad, useless. Hiding this, useless. Sharing this, useless. Everything's useless and seems like no hope anymore. I wonder who's going to be with me other than her. It's weird she's still being with me. She'd know the relationship isn't worth it. I want her to leave but at the same time I don't want her to leave.

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6 months ago

Re: Life

leave her! you ARE MUCH BETTER OFF WITHOUT her!she is dragging you down! you have not found your true love yet and trust be patient it will pay off! be with some one who makes you feel good about being yourself! someone who would love you no matter what! i believe you are much more than her boyfriend or girlfriend! think about your dreams, work towards, you will find a partner alongside! your life isnt over , it just started, you have so much more to experience like your wedding day, holding your first born, buying your first house and seeing a proud smile on your parents face! now go look into a mirror and say you are perfect and you dont need to change! i love you and i believe in you! i wish you nothing but the best! have a great week. you matter!