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cheezy ass title right?

yes, im aware.

but fuck it ig.

Anyways, my earliest memorys are when i was playing with a robotic hamster and some weird ass circle thingys in a huhe plastic tube.

Skip to when im living with my mother (around the age of 5-6 i think?) and her shitty boyfriend and his kid(s) one of them around my age and he made me suck his tiny ass dick.

time skip to about 8-9 years of age and this girl on my dads side of the family has me eat her out.

now im a teenager and i have been diagnosed with General anxiety, Social anxiety, MOD, and Body dismorphia. At first they thought i had Bipolar dissorder.

oh also, i have found that im hyper sexual but affraid of actual intamasy with another person.

I also relized anyone who gives me the tinyst bit of attention (i.e cuddling) i am not falling madly in love with them for about 2 days.

also i flinch if someone is by me and they move quickly.

i also cry when anyone yells at me or anyone im around.

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