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I just feel insecure about anything and everything. Idk if its coz I'm a teenager but no matter how much I try, there is this demon in me telling me all the bad stuff. I keep discouraging myself.


i have know my sexuality but never came out about it to anyone except for my friends (who thankfully accepted me) now I am scared to be me.

mental issues:

I have anxiety that was caused due to various reasons, one of them being abuse when i was still a child by one of my relatives. No matter how much i try to get over me, it still manages to eat me up.... I even feel like I developed a fear with strangers. I can't talk to anyone or make the first move coz I'm too afraid of everything. I even feel paranoid at times.

IDK if this is only me or there are many out there like me but i felt like it would be better to let it out once. At least, no one knows me here. So, that kinda gives a little relief.

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Re: life

It’s not just you hun, alot if people struggle, but that doesn’t make you any less important or mean that you shouldn’t speak out.

insecurities: in todays society its hard to love yourself, but im gonna tell you something that helped me. I would wake up everyday and look in the mirror and i would tell myself something i liked on that day. Sometimes it would be my hair cuz it looked funny after just waking up other days it was my eyes because i like the colour. Do this and then tell yourself you’re beautiful inside and out, because you are. A fun fact - we can never see what we truly look like because our brain just cant fathom it so what we see is based in what we think, if you think you’re beautiful you’re brain will see beautiful.

sexuality: hun you ain’t gotta come out to no one, that’s your business. The world is slowly changing and being more accepting if people dont like you for who you are then you dont need that negativity in your life, you go out and find people who will love you no matter what. Theres no rush either take things at your own pace.

mental illness: now im no doctor, nor a therapist so my advice? See one. You can get some proper help, maybe try some meditation as well that can give you some peace of mind and if you have any piriton (hayfever medicine) taking the recommended amout first thing in the morning can help with some anxiety, i know cuz i have social anxiety and i found out that it has some side affects that release chemicals in your brain to help soothe things and calm you. But other than that you should seek help. You’re an amazing individual so you deserve a chance to be happy just like everyone else

i hope some if this helped, stay safe