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I feel lonely sometimes i wish i had friends or a significant other someone to share my thoughts with or go out and have fun with but its hard. i give to much and put myself last I've spent my best years looking for something that in reality i didn't need. i have literally been to hell and back and i don't know how but i finally understood why i put up with the things i have. Like they say God works in mysterious ways well that's my belief , I'm only 24 years old and i feel like i have nothing to show for what I've accomplished in my short life so far. I finally have a career i love working in I'm in school single and finally for once focusing and living for myself . Of course its a new thing to adapt to however i have my days where i think i can take on the world and then my dark days. I've been fighting Depression since i was about 9 years old on and off i'm not perfect but. As i type this blog right now i feel relieved to finally be able to express myself and let some things out . I know it'll get better someday till then i just try to be a better version of myself everyday and hopefully continue this battle.