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Does anyone else not reply to the question, how are you doing? Because you dont want to bore them woth the shit thats going on in your life

Im not a general down in the dumps person but with my dads health decreasing rapidly (early onset dementia) my husband being stupid ill he cant work and just sleeps most days (no kidneys, on haemodialysis, tranplant next month), going through and failing IVF twice, our close mate died a month and half aho from canver (he was only 26) his 27th birthday should've been last week. How is that fair? and a lesser but still a kick in the teeth just lost out on buying our first home because the guy at the top lf the chain pulled out ladt minute. It shouldnt be too much a problem but between ny husband going on long term sick and lockdown meaning furloughed pay and no commission itll be a year till we are in that financial postion again.

See like i said boring. And lets face it no one cares. All i get from friends is their woes on how they look or how they muss going out or how they cant celebrste their birthday properly. Yes i know we all fight our own battles and everyone has different things in their life that make them miserable but im at a point that everything just feels so trivial. I know no ones going to read this and no one will care because well why would you, everyones out for themselves but at least im getting it out there. Dont feel like i am going to implode as much

Have a good day world!