Life as it is

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Don't we all sit and think about life and how much work it truly is .....Or is it just me .....

Wow I gotta say life only has a fun part when you're a kid and even then some have it easier then others.

I gotta say life is temporary. Now listen before you try to attack my opinion sit back and think about everything you have experienced is there any pattern of repetition? If you're starting to see what I'm getting at you now are the same level I am. Life is only how we choose it to be. Is it not .... everything we do everything we choose affects our every life movement. So let's sit back and choose to live a better path because only you're in control of the steering wheel when you drive it is your responsibility, the "Jesus take the wheel" does not currently fit in this category and that's a conversation for another day.

Have a lovely day people

~ JM