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ik ppl say u should be great ful for the life that u live and I am so much but I just want to be gone I’m always always trying to start a fresh start but then fresh starts are just leading into a ditch a nasty and And horrible one I haven’t went to the doctors or anything else like that and I haven’t been diagnosed with it but I just no I’ve definitely got it I searched up on YouTube what is a Ed and it said 6 different types of Ed so I watched that and one of them was called anorexis nervousia I think that’s how u spell it anyways and it said we’re your constantly checking your weight or u want the rightBody shape even though your friends are telling u your skinny and your always checking what the kcal are on the food that I eat and that’s exactly what I have been doing And. No I’m not one of them people were u watch some thing and I’ve suddenly Been doing that it’s being on for ages now and it’s starting to take. Over my life I thought it had actually gone but it hadn’t the other day I went to sleep round my friends house and in the. Night we had a mc Donald’s then we had cakes then one the morning I had a chocolate thing for breakfast then for dinner I had this chicken thing at hers which I knew was probably full of fat and ik some like that isn’t bad for u and I wasn’t gonna be cheeky and decline all of them after she paid for them But I just know was getting stressed and when I got home the next day and it was night time I had a. Big massive break down cause I had eaten all that food I just want it all to go away ——- btw Ed is an eating disorder :/