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Life Goes On....

No matter how much you hold on to things, people and emotions but they slip away tearing you apart. People who made you laugh with whom you've spent a life suddenly become a stranger. People often become they say they can never be. Emotions die, feelings fade, heart cries but you still want to live. No matter what happens in life. IT GOES ON....

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Re: Life Goes On....

I have felt this a lot.. I've seen the person with whom I share almost everything turning into stranger with "start a new conversation" in the message box... I've seen my best friend turning into my enemy... I am just 18 and I've experienced lot of things so early yet I still get hurt everytime

I have really felt this

I have been experiencing it for the past 2 months

What I thought was my best friend,wasn't really mine

ukw that SHIT really hurts me.

When that person stops talking to you or starts ignoring you

Not messaging you,Not replying

They start to post stories,pics going out with other friends.

and after all this don't they have 3 seconds for me just to send me a message?

Asking if How I am?Am I okay?Is everything going well?

Am I not worth 3 sec of their life?

Am I?


But I always loved them and will still LOVE THEM

Let's move on with life,right?

Bring more positivity into our life!!