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Life I guess

I’m in a really bad place again... I’ve tried everything, medications, seeing a therapist etc, but nothing is working. I hate me. I am the problem. I feel like I ruins everyone’s day. I feel like I’m such a inconvenience to everyone’s life’s. Everytime I look at my self I want to throw up, I hate everything about myself. I’ve been in the same pair of payjamas for 5 days and I have even gone for a shower. I’ve lost all interest in the things that made me really happy. I’ve not been talking to my boyfriend much, I quit my sports team. I’ve literally lost all my friends over the past year due to the fact they thought I wasent going to be fun because I was going through family situations that was really traumatising for me. I can’t stop eating, like I’m eating to the point where I’m feeling sick. I just want to not be here anymore but I couldn’t because I don’t want to hurt the people who I love most.

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Life i guess. A reply

I got ya. I just got out of mine after 4 days.

Sucks dont it?

Thing is im probably older then you.

So i know how it works.

Ive been here before.

It fades. It stops.

I promise you that.

The best thing you can do is wait.

If time isnt your friend, then you gotta do something.

Because it does end. But theirs n ok way to put a time frame on it.

So in the meantime, tbeir is things you can do to help hurry this along.

I can give you the starter list of things to do while you wait.

Just always remeber. Wait. And hold on. Itll lift. Itll change. It always does.

* Start a journal. Write it out.

* Make sure you have a daily morning goal. Even if its getting out of bed to pee and putting your pillows back where they need to be. It helps.

*Get a dog

*Help someone that needs it. Once. Or weekly. Carrying grocceries. Writing a letter. Feeding a dog. Scooping poop. Babysitting. Something.

*Try talking to your parents.

*talk with An adult you feel you can trust.

*Get on line and find. Phone number or chat line.

( I wish i could remeber the text # for someone to chat with. If anyone knows it, please leave it in a reply so I can have it along with the original poster)

* school counslers are a good place to go.

* your family doctor. They can help with numbers to local theripists. And prescription medications.

*vitamns,/herbal supplements. Its always a good 8dea to talk with a doctor before starting them. Do some research on vitamn defincy and natural anti depressents like Saint Johns Wort. ALWAYS REFER TO A PHYSICIAN BEFORE YOU START POPPING ANYTHING INCLUDING VITMANS. EVEN VITAMS IN THE WRONG DOSAGE CAN BE DANGEROUS.

I hope this starter lists helps.

In the meantime, sleep if you need it. Feed your body when it demands food. Wash as frequently as you have the energy to do so.

And dont be to hard on yourself. Its depression, or seasonal effective disorder. Or a drug issue. Or something.

But whatever it is, their is a coping skill for it. Just gotta weed out the unhelpfull options, and find the one that works for you to help life become better.

And you gotta just wait.