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Life ig

So i'm a muslim woman and i've been very religous up to now. Ive done a lot of praying and small self sacrifices for my religion. I feel like its opression as ive been born into it and its not my choice. Ive been wondering why i'm not being rewarded in life no matter how hard i try. My parents used to say that do good and god will reward you in life. Ive been doing good and people start stepping all over me and treating me like shit, so does my life. Does god even exist? I gave up my love life, i gave up having fun at the age of twelve cause having your period apparently means youre a woman so you have to make sure you complete five prayers a day (from 5am) or get abused, and women can have fun and play or have any representation in the islsmic and arabic world. I've been forced to wear a scarf from such a young age that now i dont bother all the sweat and burn marks from it. I feel opressed, i wanna convert to atheisim but that means i get killed cus its against our religion. Tbh i would rather die than live like this. What do you think??


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Re: Life ig

Hey sweetie. I’m Christian. I’ve never hit my kids. In fact; when a man tried once he regretted it.

I’m not trying to convert you. In most Muslim nations that’s dangerous. In fact I’m an American. We are mocked here on our TV. My children & I have been mocked in front of public school classes by teachers for carrying our Bible & wearing a cross. I wore a giant cross in college. On my 285 lb body. LOL.

But I will caution you. The internet is letting people in other lands learn about people like me. Be very careful. Many Muslim nations still live like it’s the 1300’s. So if that’s where you live you might want to stay Muslim & keep your feelings internal. Your Faith is not the problem. It’s some using your faith incorrectly. It will take the men choosing to change things in your lands. We Americans have forced to fight wars there after being attacked by fanatics. But we have freedom of religion. So we eventually leave. Your nations have the right to decide what they want to be. In time I think the entire Middle East will slowly get better. But that’s for each people to decide on their own.

God Bless

i am not a muslim but i know that no religion gives anyone the right to abuse the others, u have to stand against such abuse, and if anyone uses religion to justify actions of abuse and hatred, they r fucked up in the mind, u can try to convert to any religion or athesim , but the real soution is standing up against such immoral acts.