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Life is a miracle!

Do you understand how much of an unbelievable miracle our life is?

Get control of it yaa!


We live on the Earth! There are like a million other planets we haven't even discovered yet. A million other stars!

You know how you city is practically a dot, like the smallest dot ever, on the face of Earth. And the Earth, our beautiful, BEAUTIFUL planet is the same small dot from the milky way. Now, do I even need to mention how the milky way is the smallest thing on the whole freaking map of the universe.

This beautiful universe!!! It is such a magical word and our life, our existence is magic!

You are a part of the most unbelievable magic!

This is how unbelievable and beautiful our life is! Our existence is so so so magical!

Don't you get it?

Can you feel what I feel right now? Cause I feel so enchanted! I feel part of something so HUGE! And how very very very insignificant our existence it. Doesn't it feel like our problems are a mere hurdle?

Like our problems are so insignificant!

However important, however problematic, dramatic, annoying and yet, just insignificant!

Guys! We've reached the moon. We'll reach the mars(actually we're kinda there) And soon, that's like so many decades- years, but soon we'll explore the vastness of this wonderful universe.

Don't you feel at peace when you talk about the universe, space, the stars and our amazing planet?

Have you seen the live videos of our planet from space? It is like the magic the northern lights create. Just so peaceful!!!

And yet, here's what I want to tell you!

There's an entire universe inside of you! Your brain, it's capable of everything! I mean everything!

We are so so so much better than giving up on petty things, which might not be petty, but think about your existence! Do you wanna waste a life, that is so unbelievably impossible.

We are living the impossible, don't you get it?

You are the magic!

And magic shouldn't be so unbearable. Cause it's magic! And magic is the impossible.

You know all these magicians don't do actual magic, but it's still breathtaking, but here guys!

Here we are living the real magic.

You are the REAL magic.

And the universe inside of you? Buddy, it's not supposed to be wasted. 

I am in awe of you!