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life is less than useless. why does everyone pretend otherwise?

i know that, in the future, i am going to end up killing myself. i know that no matter how much anyone tries to sugarcoat life, in this world, there is not a happy ending, and i honestly don’t even know why so many people live so far into adulthood when they realize how unhappy they are. i think it’ll probably be in my early twenties at the latest, since i’ve gone through so much shit i at least want an opportunity to see the things that i daydreamed about to keep me going this far. for reference, im a minor at the moment. anyhow, im stuck wondering, why do so many people live on when the nature of humans is to inflict suffering into others? when, in this world, someone with bad intentions can fuck you up for your entire life in a few moments? after humanity existing for so long, where you figure that the world should be more hospitable and that discrimination would at least be lessened? among other things, of course. i think it’s a miracle that i’ve managed to stop myself from ending my life this far, considering everything. why does everyone else pretend like everything is fine and go on to live naturally?

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Re: life is less than useless. why does everyone pretend otherwise?

This is very sad. I’m glad you haven’t killed yourself yet, and I hope you never will. But your outlook on life is very small. Sure, people are put through tough shit. There’s a quote that goes something like “remember that even your bad days are someone else’s best days”. And it’s sad all that goes on in the world. But people have two options: live or die. Most people fight to live because they know it’s worth it. And it’s not an illusion that people are happy when they really aren’t. People aren’t happy 24/7 but they know life can be beautiful and they might have a bad day, but they know it’s not a bad life.

Life can only be beautiful because of the bad. If nothing bad ever happened then nothing would ever be good either. Life is what you make it. Bad stuff happens. But good stuff happens too. You are probably depressed, and usually with time and effort, you can grow to be happy. It might not be easy but it will be worth it. I also noticed that you are waiting until you are in your twenties to kill yourself. My therapist once asked me “why not do it today”. She wasn’t pressuring me to kms she was making me realize that whether or not I noticed it, I still had a will or reason to live. Find your reason. Mine was God. Yours might be something different. But life is what you make it to be.

I'm sorry that you feel so miserable.

I think you are misunderstanding most people, though. I don't think that people are pretending that life isn't hard or doesn't suck a good deal of the time, rather, I think they are choosing to focus on things that are good.

This could be a good exercise for you. Why do you try and focus on one thing that is good. It doesn't even have to be that good that others would notice. Maybe it's just that you had a good night's sleep, or that nobody broke into your house and murdered you. Okay, I'm grasping at straws, I know. But you get the idea. If yoy focus on something good, you have something that you can build on.

You're a minor for now, so you've not yet experienced two decades on this earth that you can remember. Give it time and focus on good things, and perhaps occassionally, you'll appreciate what other people seem to experience when you think that they are pretending.