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Life is magic

Was it the universe’s conspiracy 

I don’t know what’s happening

Why we met

Why things happened


I don’t know 

I want to believe you’re a good person 

But it is not happening 

I want to believe it was magic 

But it wasn’t right 

What ever it was or what ever it wasn’t it’s not anymore

Why emotions came in between and fucked me up 

I’m learning to Love myself  more 

And I know I will lose and gain many people in this journey of life 

And to start with you I  am letting you go 

I am letting you go physically and sexually. 

Spiritually, emotionally and mentally you’re always with me! 

And that no one can take away from me not even you! 

I am content with that 

I am happy with that 

No expectations no hurt 

Love life 

Live in present 

Be kind and compassionate 

Life is beautiful 

Life is magic 

Self worth is love 

Love yourself and love will flow 

Love will love you!