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Life is really a rough journey, can u reply , anyone?


Teen life is difficult and sad, now, all my friends, yes all my friends, ALL! Do not even speak to me anymore, claiming I am fake, and saying I have changed and stuff like that, I mean?? Why?? Someone called me toxic and fake and childish, for the past three days I have been crying myself to sleep. I don't even know what to do again, I tried apologizing to them, but most of them just acted as if I didn't even text them, I don't even know what I did, I mean, urgh! Most of you will not understand cos u guys have one of the best friends in the world, but for me, I can't even recall one, just ONE true friend I have, they use me, insult me, and then leave me, how can I cope now? My best friend even told me we couldn't be besties again in July, 2020, now she's calling me fake and toxic.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Life is really a rough journey, can u reply , anyone?

i have to agree with you that "Teen life is difficult and sad". Its a time when your body is changing and your becoming more aware of the world around you. A big part of this change involves questioning everything you know or have known, its a terrifying thing but its a part of maturing. The stresses that you are going through are also those of your peers. You may feel alone in this but its something everyone who has ever been a teen has gone through. What would be the healthy thing for you is to think about whats happening and what your doing. Ask if the things you do day to day make you feel good. How your actions or choices may affect the people around you. If the people you spend time with are good for you or just hurting you. Its going to take a lot of self reflection and restraint and may not even come from your reading this but its a part of life. You either face it and figure it out bit by bit over time or you can hate the world around you and make no progress.

People like that were never your friends in the first place, they probably just used you for something and now they cant use you anymore so they stopped pretending to be your friend....your better off with out people like that in your life...show them that you dont give a crap and find new friends....i know its easier said than done but everything will fall into place