Life is so Miserable

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Nobody seems to care about anyone unless they are stupid celebrities, their friends, families, or they are attractive. This universe doesn't care about us and this world we live in sucks. Social media sucks. This world has been here for billions of years and humans have existed for about six million years. Somebody decided to invent money in the 1800s and most things we want and desire have prices on it. As soon as we come into this world we are brainwashed in a stupid religion that our parents force us to believe in and once we are old enough we start going to school to make a green piece of paper and as you grow up you have to drive and work and know what you wanna do. It sucks that we have no clue how cruel of a world we are going to get forced in by people who have children. There is a chance a child could turn out to be special Ed or have issues or grow up with depression. Also, everyone has a chance of being born into a rich, poor, or middle class family and whatever family you are in you are expected to deal with it until you die. Or you can be born into a family that sucks and you're still expected to deal with it. Then when you die people are sad for a couple of days then there will be no trace that you existed on this planet. Young kids are forced to go to school and sometimes school is what makes people depressed. You are forced to wake up early, see stupid average kids everyday until you graduate, do the work, if you have no friends you might get bullied for it or nobody will care or wonder, everyone around them sometimes has great lives and they are just forced to watch there are so many reasons. What I'm saying is everyone isnt just going to wanna go with the flow and be normal for people around them. Everyone in school just tries to impress each other and its dumb, kids put on an act 24/7. Kids in school sometimes arent mature enough to realize that they dont live forever, they have to grow up, be forced to get a job, death is a real thing, depression is real, and I hate how people dont give unless a gun is at that person's head life is so pathetic in the long run. Some people dont see it cuz they are pretty, have friends, etc. Celebrities probably dont see it, rich people probably dont, you know. When you are depressed(like me) you are in a very miserable, dark place and you forget that there is still a world around you that acts human and has friends, love, a good life you forget that not everyone can understand your perspective.