Life of a daughter

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I'm tired of being pulled along like a dog.

I've graduated highschool, got into one university and dropped out. I've been working since I was 15, waitressing to now 21 a cook, I was juggling paying bills since the first time I started working. A 15 year old believe it or not untill now has steadily been paying for the phone bill, the utilities water/electricity, gas money weekly for 2 cars which I don't even drive personally, now I'm even paying more then half the rent. With a single mother currently trying to survive with colon cancer and a brother who only cares for himself and only spends money on car parts and alcohol and then proceeds to not pay for bills he said he would help pay for once. Only his job title makes him more better even though he dropped out of highschool and even though he had a chance he gave it up to try again. Even at work, a small self own business by my said boss , I'm the only cook now, and made into a supervisor, mainly because I'm always the only other person there who stays late and does most of the inventory, I'm getting tired and relapsing into depression I've come out of through the years. I'm always getting the bad end of the stick, the sharp end that just keeps stabbing until there's nothing left to stab. I never have time to do anything I want, I never have any money left for myself, with paying off my own school debt I have and all the bills surrounding me. I'm tired of getting blamed for things, being shoved all these responsibilities. I didn't choose to work as much as I do, I didn't choose to have all this forced on me. I want to go to culinary school I want to have a happy life, have what makes me happy, but everyone else is what's matters more now then anything. I can't even care for myself or have a moment of silence before someone shoves crap down my throat like it's nothing. Imagine if I just disappeared for good, how it would affect other people, how much I have to go through because of other people. I'm fucking tired, I just want to live with freedom and no worry. Is it so hard to ask for?