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Life of a medical student

I just felt like letting you guys know.

All my life,I've never dreamt of anything else than being a doctor... Looking back now,I realized I didn't even give thoughts to other career options.

I came into medical school,expecting life to be rosy and all considering the fact that I'm quite smart... But medical school gave me a huge blow.... At times I wonder if I'll ever become the doctor I so wish to be because I can't see myself wearing the coat...all I see is anatomy,physiology,pathology and the likes....

It became a new world

My former reading method didn't work for me anymore,even if I read and understand the little I read..... When having medical conversations with my friends,everything get messed up in my head

Dec - Jan 2020 was a really tough time for me cause exams drained me..... That was when I understood depression,at some point I literally gave up everything but with God and my circle of good friends (even though we were all depressed and cried most times) we were glued together during those moments, their presence alone was a sign that it'll be better and it actually did cause WE LAUGHED LAST.

I'm currently in third year and the journey is progressing.... I still have like 10 more years ahead of me to finally achieve my goal but I'm still so confused about what my specialty should be

I have a passion concerning oncology but I feel like I shouldn't waste the hand skill God has given me..

We all suffer but we should make sure the suffering is worth it at the end..