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Life Ruiner

My partner won’t stop doing coke. I can’t leave him because I’m a stay-at-home-mom with 2 kids (no income, nowhere to go). Now I just hope he gets a batch laced with Fentanyl and dies.

P.S. His drug use is not the only/main reason I hate him. There are a lot of reasons. He’s not a good partner or parent. He’s secretive, he has an unpredictable temper (cigarette, weed, cocaine dependency don’t help with that). He works a lot. That’s his contribution.

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Re: Life Ruiner

wow i just noticed I made a booboo in my last sentence what it is suppose to say is that I dont think you and the kids need to be around that as yall do deserve better. sorry when I read it was kinda off so i thought i would clear that up. My bad but I hope people do get what i am trying to say.

You should never force yourself to stay in a relationship if the partner isn't going to change for the better for you and the kids. You can only do so much. There are programs out there that can help you when you are in that kind of situation you just gotta look around. I think you and the kids need to be around that yall deserve better.