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Life sucks. Deal with it

I see a lot of articles about people being sad and hate their life. I’d just like to remind you guys that it’s okay to be unhappy with your current status. Losing a loved one, not being loved enough by ur parents, bullied in school, etc. whatever it may be. Life is about obstacles and overcoming those obstacles. You must stop feeling sorry for yourself and start doing something about it. You do have the power to change your own life. It’s okay to be sad, anxious, angry, depressed. But you must recognize the cause of the feelings and work towards making a change. Not everyone is given the same opportunity when they are born. But it’s all about playing with the cards you are dealt. There will always be shitty moments in life, and how we deal with those shitty moments is what makes who we are. Learn from it. Grow from it. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Our time on earth is limited. So stop wasting it.