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Life sucks lmao

Hi I honestly don’t want anybody to read this but oh well. I think it feels better if there’s an audience. I honestly really hate circuit breaker. I stayed in my room most of the time and I developed many bad habits and I kept on looking at Twitter (which I still do) #addiction. I feel like it really disrupted my life. I was initially quite cheerful I would say but after experiencing being cooped up at home I feel like I stopped liking a lot of things. I honestly wouldn’t go out unless I have to go school. I lost interest in my studies OOPS. It feels like a chore now and I can’t get back to my normal life. Also, I ate quite a lot during circuit breaker and I was sitting most of the time so I gained some weight. I find it really hard to bring myself to exercise too. Anyways thanks for listening to my rant. This feels really good HAHAHHAHA. It’s time to do homework again 🥴 *looks at Twitter for a good 1h first*