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I'm just a voice

Lost in the wind

No one near me

To hear me

When I cry out in pain

No one understands me

Of yet that I know

And isn't it quiet unsettlin'

To find out how imperfect

We truly are

And yet we blame others

For not being something their worth

And we do that to avoid the pain

That we have caused

While some pain is

Waiting on our doorsteps

Just like a ticking bomb

For all to find

But instead we had n' run in fear

Takin' the back door

So that we could just ignore

The ticking bomb, out front

We cause pain to others

Because we don't know how to deal

With the pain that is causin' us to break

Everyone gets their heart broken

A million times, every day

But what we don't know

Is that everyone is just like us

Getting our hearts broken, over the tiniest thing

It might not mean much to others

But it does to us

If someone does wrong to you

Try your best, at not getting mad at them

Because you never know

What their thinkin'

Or if they've been hurt in any way

Just pray for them tonight

Even though, forgiving them

Won't be your key to life

Just remember to forgiveness

Is one of the hardest things in life.