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A Fly On The Wall Production:

a conversation between Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch on October 7th 2020

Ted: you know Rupert we're all in on this election.

Rupert: I've got all my best people working on this.

Ted: We still don't seem to be able to escape the possibility that Trump will be re-elected. I have nightmares.

Rupert: My biggest concern is what I call "Trump Polarity Syndrome". Trump is exposing us all and even common people can see where we all stand. I mean that's been Trump's single biggest detriment in my opinion. We just can't keep the American people from seeing what we really are and what our true motives have been for decades.

Ted: Very true. Well all of our cohorts from the Military Industrial complex to the Associated Press are doing everything we can to make it look like that Biden has a Snowball's Chance In Hell of winning this election.

Rupert: I don't think we're going to be able to pull it off Ted. Frankly I've been talking to Zuck, and the Google boys. They're as scared as I am that we're getting ready to repeat the 2016 Nightmare. Trump is just such an unknown unpredictable quantity. Just when you think you've got him, you realize he's got you screwed Ten Ways From Sunday. He's been doing it to us for years and I don't think this time will be an exception, no matter how much more cash we throw at this damned election.

Ted: Maybe it's time to change our citizenship to Canada Rupert.

Rupert: I've already done that Ted. You haven't?