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A Fly On The Wall Production.


President Trump: Mitt, I hear you're thinking of voting against my SCOTUS nominee.

Mitt: Yes Mr. President, that's true.

President Trump: Mitt, you know, I'm aware that you don't like me personally and the feeling is mutual. But for the sake of the American people I want you to put your personal prejudices and power plays for political purposes, alliteration emphasis fully intended, AWAY so we can get this done.

Mitt: I can't do that Mr. President.

President Trump: Mitt. Let me make this clear and plain to you. You've fought me tooth and nail at every opportunity you son of a bitch, ever since I turned you down for Secretary Of State and you've continuously stabbed me in the back at every opportunity to further your losing political ambitions. But I'm putting my foot on your ugly neck now. You'd better get on board with this nomination. And yes, that's a direct threat to your tawdry continuously losing political ambitions. I'll pull your campaign financing and make sure you never get a seat on any committee besides Underwater Basketweaving Committee Chair if you don't publicly get on this and support my decision to nominate a supreme court justice. Yes. That's a direct threat Mitt.

Mitt: How dare you Mr. President.

President Trump: Wake up Mitt. You've been a political liability to the Republican Party for years. You're thought of as a RINO for good reason. You threw the race to Obama and went and played golf, but somehow you don't think the American people know that. Get with it you loser. This is your last chance.

Mitt: Very well Mr. President, I'll do as you say sir, but I'm soooo not happy about it.

President Trump: Who gives a fuck what you like Mitt?

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I’m independent. We need balance. Clinton sent our jobs to China & cut military & trashed shuttles.

Obama put deadly gang bangers into good neighborhoods & schools. He trashed the economy. He & Hillary trashed the student loan program.

But Obama tried to get health care for everyone. That never seems important to healthy people who can’t get it. I always cared. Now I’m those people.

I have 7 degrees. Had great job in space industry. Then got horrible disease. My company unloaded me onto disability. I’m in one of those backwards states that hate health care.

I worked two jobs starting in high school. Paid shit load of taxes. Even while sick I put in 70 hrs a week till docs say stay home or you die. Now I live off a tiny check. I get a little medical help. But when you have a transplant & serious medical issues you realize it’s not nearly enough. So I’m fucked royally.

Trump is going along with these backwards states that want to make it even harder on poor & disabled people. So he sucks at health care.

But he was good with economy; military; space. He’s done better with virus than a dem would have IMO. No way would they have fast paced a vaccine. Bill sent out PPE lines to China. Biden mocked Trump for closing off China. Now he says waited too long.

What we need is a conservative President to run the economy; military; trade, & space. But a liberal Vice President with power to run health care; student loans, civil rights, & making policing safer.

That will never happen so one half of the equation will always get fucked when the other side has power.

Gotta have jobs to pay for health care. Libs don’t get that. Poor people need health care. Repubs don’t get that.