Liking penis makes me gay?

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It's important to say that I'm a married man. My history, I like women (I'm married to one), but I have a big interest in penis, it's been with me since I was a kid, I did BJ in friends and everything...It's curious, because I like penis, but I don't like the masculine figure. I don't see myself kissing guys or hugging them, anything like that.I was ok with all that, but during this pandemic, I found out trans porn, it's just perfect, a female figure with a huge dick there. Since then, I'm going down and down with porn, now, I'm into gay porn, only penis related, dick x dick or guys cumming. Already tried to insert things into my ass and cum all over myself (facial and mouth) it's fun. I have a huge problem now, because I really need a dick to play with, but I'm married and love my wife. I don't now what to do and I can't figure out my sexuality. 

PS: If there's any huge english mistake, please let me know.

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