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Lil rant

I’m so sad :) I get sad when I’m alone and I need people especially friends around me to keep me happy. When I’m at school I loved every second of it bc I had so many friends... now I’m at uni and I have 2 friends.. one is quiting and one isn’t in my class. And it makes me second guess my career choice and I’m so sad about everything. Ik I should just suck it up. I live a very lucky and have been lucky through out my life which is why any bad thing that happens makes me wanna give up. But this has been going on for a while year now and I’ve had it 😍I wanna like die bc I’m sad everyday but I... idk. I need to tell someone but I would never want anyone to know I’m feeling this way so I found this website to tell people.... ik I’m being dramatic but :/ yeah

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Re: Lil rant

Well, ima opposite though cause everytime i look at the people i love, i kinda wish i was all alone. Its much sad when one day you lose those people u love or i, myself might get lost and die then the people who love me might get also sad and i know im being dramatic but it really hit like that. i wish there is eternal life...