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Two years ago I began to write a story all based off of my life but I kept myself anonymous. I had written about all the times I wanted to commit and run from my problems. There were chapters full of tears and heartache. I wrote about how my mother never listened to me when I was having issues. I wrote about when my parents made me feel worthless, and I wrote about when I felt alone even when I was surrounded by people. About a year later me and my mother were in the kitchen keeping to ourselves until I saw her phone screen in the corner of my eye. The tittle of the story sounded familiar and I asked my mother what she was reading and she said. "Its a story based off of the life of a teenage girl, she writes her experiences and daily thoughts on wanting to kill herself or run away." I asked her if I could see the author and to my surprise It was the same story I had been writing.

After two years when I had written about my journey of trying to improve myself mentally I finally stopped because I thought it was time to tell my mother about the story that she had been reading, was mine. We were in the kitchen and I pulled out my phone and showed her everything and explained to her about how It was me writing the story. After explaining to her she said nothing for a few minutes before pulling me into a hug. "I knew it was you. You left your laptop open and I saw what you were writing. Im sorry I didn't say or do anything to help you. But i'm here now to listen or read, whatever helps you the most." Im alive today because she listened before it was too late.