Listen TF up.

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You are enough. You dont have to measure yourself on a scale with other people. As I was on social media just observing its almost as if people are putting on a audition. Its a free audition for people to "believe" their lives are magnificent. Gtfoh....不不不不不不 you are trying so hard its showing guys and gals...better yet boys and girls because thats what kids do. They get a new toy and say "hey, look at my new toy". Im really trying to figure out what drives adults to behave this way. Grown ass adults that are living in a permanent high school state of mind. I have a beautiful car, a great place but I dont speak on it. Ill go to the store in sweats and wont give 2 shits and if I wanna wear make up I will. If I dont there will be not a inkling of anxiety because my reaction to other people would be "who tf are you". Learning to not gaf and learning that you are enough is so important. Dont follow the trends, dont follow the crowd, do what makes you happy and you will live a long stress free life. Try it, it works. FYI I was once a sheep and I once followed the crowd and when I cut those toxic fucks out of my life.....women and life improved. Try it.