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Little surprised...

I am here for the first time. Did not know about this vigyaa.. but today when i look at these articals i am surprised .

People are so depressed. Some one want to do suicide and some one is living a fake life.

Some times i also get worried but atleast i am not doing any thing wrong in my life.Why people underrestimate their selves why they are leting such things happen to themselves. I know sometimes we have pressure of soceity and family. we have to take some decisions for their sake. But when it's really getting over and you are not able to accept such things. You should take some decision for yourself. I am really lucky i guess , i got family who supports me always. I have a life partner who can do anything for me. Still i thought sometimes i am not worth it. But as i look at this world i realise that i am wrong.

You know everyone has problem in their lives. And i heard that a girl's life will change after marriage. So if we are going to change our life for a marriage than why shouldn't we marry a man who is ready to accept us as we are. After marriage you will get a new family and i accept that every family has it's own rules and terms , if a girl needs to change herself for the family than family also needs to adjust. Why we assume that a girl will accept the things in one day and family will adjust in a single day. If your life partner is supportive than you may adjust quickly and easily. Its been 6 years of my sister's marriage. Yesterday was her marriage anniversary. Her husband is a unromantic type of person. They live in Delhi. And due to lockdown they have a Monday off. But yesterday it was Monday and he went to work. Even he didn't come on time. It was an arranged marriage. But in past 6 years, Doesn't they feel something for each other? If you are unromantic and doesn't like all this. Atleast come early and give some time to your wife. I don't know how their relations are. And i am not judging by their perspective. I am judging from my side. If i would be on my sister's place i didn't feel good. I am still feeling not good. I am not against arrange marriages. Any type of marriage is a lucky draw. Because i have a loving and caring boyfriend i am feeling sad for my sister.

You know sometimes when we both fought. I thought to break up and marry some one else. But when in these type of situations i found my self lucky because if you have some one who loves you, trusts you then don't leave him because you don't know how much you need to pay for that. Every relation has ups and downs but leaving each other when you know you both love each other is a very big mistake.