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Live a long and healthy life!

Health Magazine. The most infuriating thing is to read an article that is biased, outright false and spread all over the world to taint peoples opinions, resulting in oppression and discrimination against age groups. Here is what was stated in the Health Magazine this month. humans loose cognitive ability after their 20’s and in AARP states dementia sets in after the age of 65. This is a complete and utter lie, and complete falsehood! I don't know what planet these authors come from, but they could not be be more ignorant, uneducated and inexperienced than if they were born yesterday. It is a tragedy that people of this level of ignorance are able to be authors and editors spreading such massive lies about the human race. It makes me sick. What is worse, is that I can’t publish a counter argument to this magazine anonymously. What I usually do, is make sure I throw the magazine in the trash! So I can minimize the spread of such pathetic outrageous falsehoods! Alert! , All humans, who exercise, eat healthy unprocessed foods, take no drugs prescription or otherwise, breath clean air, get plenty of exercise, read, continue to learn, keep a positive social life, keep a spiritual practice, practice virtue and rid oneself of negative, biased, oppressive, discriminating, abusive and controlling influences, you can live well up into your hundreds with mental acuity, happiness and physical health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Man has done so for over 5000 years since Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!