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Living in between reality and the past

I simply miss someone who is living on another continent. I have not seen him for over a year, and every day is a struggle. Sometimes I think that I live in the past, thinking about what had happened between us. I'm in between reality and the past. I can't forget about him, even if I wanted to. The truth is that right now he and I are close friends, sometimes even too close... We decided to be friends as we cannot be together, but being friends feels like an endless cycle of affliction. This is because I still have strong feelings for him, and he does not help me to move on. He still complements me and flirts with me, and it feels like we are still in a relationship, but we are not. 

 After a break-up, many people feel sadness, anger, or guilt, and this could lead to a feeling of rejection, confusion, and loneliness. Now, imagine feeling this every day of your life for a year or so. I cannot jeopardize our relation, but if I stay in this "friendship", I might lose myself. I just love him so much, and honestly, I don't know what to do.