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Life sometimes seems so har dand unfair....i mean look at the scenario now when i have plenty of time to sotmrt my shit out i feel more and more miserable.....life is so damn comolicated and so hard to make worthwhile....i had been working so hard to make it something but wantes a break in between now when i got one it feels like a curse. And in all this i never had time to seek for sm company...never wanted one but rn its so alone and dark.

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feel u

but you know what i think

i think that its not you always need company or someone.

i just started to watch tv shows now i have and obsession but its worth it i dont care about anyone rn

tried to make some friends on internet and thats it they are perfect . its not like we talk a lot but we send each other memes and so on it makes me feel better.

i am sure you can find something to make you feel better. pages like this literally save me its a good place to talk.

dont depend on someone . you are by yourself. enjoy

you will make it work i am sure

hey whoever you are...thanks ur reply meant a lot...... sharing actually feels nice even if its pain.....i will try to stick to ur advice amd am plannig to keep myself busy with noone but myself.....this site is actually a blessing fr ppl like us.....

Also do tell me more methods to fill out the blanks in life.......

Everyone wants company bro. I hope you find someone real enough for you to enjoy talking to them As much as you deserve to honestly that’s going to take some time especially considering that the Pandemic is still raging pretty much all over the globe from The United States to Korea I have a dog that wakes me up and needs me for walks and I still can’t feel like getting out of my bedroom on days stuff feels like it’s just not worth it but hey that’s life you got to keep pushing through Some days things will feel worth while they just do