Lockdown Party

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My neighbour had a lockdown party. He told me in advance that it might be loud. They do that every new year, but this was different, just a mid-summer party for their friends who were sick of lockdown. As well as rules on meeting people, there was an 11pm curfew in place. I was watching a movie, some Marvel comics thing. I could hear the noise from next door, it wasn't disturbing just notable. I wondered if the police would really care about this, would they actually send someone to break up a party that was not even rowdy? So, I waited until 11.30 and I called the police. They came in numbers, broke up the party, fined everyone 2,500 each. My neighbour has a criminal record now, it's been 5 months and he still talks about it. It's funny, he's such a clueless cunt, I have to find something else to do to him.