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Lockdown Wierdness

Hey, is it possible to be loved by everyone around you and still feel unloved and alone. It's like a big boulder on the mind that doesnt allow to go for anything. Lack of concentration, lack of self motivatio and a lot of these stuff.

In the last month I stayed alone and I had so much to do the whole day, I never felt the need of any person as such. I could talk to people and I could make them talk to me.

As it unlocked, I moved to my parents' house as my earlier place shut down and had nowhere to go. In the first three months of this lockdown I had a beautiful routine. I used to wake up early eat a healthy breakfast and work and then have my lunch and then work and do my daily chores in the morning itself. I ate till 9 and went ti sleep by 12 at maximum. After moving home, my routine got so bad, I have again started waking up late and sleeping late. It is thi slate night waking that troubles me. I ama so scared of it that I can't concentrate. I always want to talk to someine. It's been fourteen days however, but I can't help it. I don't feel loved. I feel ignored by everyone. I have motivaton to sleep early, but it's nt possible. It seems that I have lost my worth. I hve started hating my body and I don't like doing anything.

Please help me.