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locked out(please respond)

i'm currently locked out of my own head space but the other day something odd happened im 14 years old and i still have imaginary friends theres a little girl in purple overalls, thomas whos the silhouette of a teenage boy, a teenage girl with curly red hair, a animalistic creature kinda like a grey bear with a dog face, a parrot, and an unidentified girl who's also a silhouette of a young woman with a high pony and a hat ive dealt with hard zoning out for a long time being lost in places ive been before, not remembering anything ive heard or done for the past minutes, and a year ago i used to occasionally blackout and wake up in new places but the other day the weirdest thing happened i spoke but it wasnt me i was crying and i said in a sassy rich tone "imagine being this pathetic" the voice didnt sound like mine and pathetic isnt even in my vocabulary and now i fear the possibility of something like did im not trying to self diagnose but i did witness something horrible when i was 3 that could have lead to or started all this looking into my symptoms im only getting more concerned and i hope i can be in touch with a professional soon but if you have anyone i can contact or any idea whats going on please respond

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Re: locked out(please respond)

here ...

have alook at this:- https://youtu.be/vJpiAQThmFA

i think u might be schizophrenic...

but don't worry and visit a profestional, that would be very helpful...

wish u a speedy recovery! <3<3

i have to write till a certain word limit lol ... this part is useless.

i am a psychology student and not a profestional so dont be too sure yet... schizophrenia is just another disease so don't panic. these illusions can be controlled

PS:- that video may not open.... i'm not sure... in that case type "ophra meets schizophrenic child with 20 imaginary friends"