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Sometimes I wish I had a friend that really want to enjoy things with me. I'm 25, 0 friend. It's so lonely. This loneliness cripples me so bad. I feel like I wanna cry writing this. I have a bit of social anxiety meeting with different people. And with this quarantine going on. I wish I could have a break from the bad things in life.

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Re: Loneliness

Don't think that you have no friends, your only best friend is you and your parents rather than these all you need only one friend because one true friend is enough than having many friends. Meditate daily in the morning in the fresh air, try to write your emotions on the page or bring a separate small copy and write it down on that copy.

Most important if you are fed up from everything listen to sushi musewala's songs and must listen to shifuji shaurya Bhardwaj's video "only one friend is enough".

And must know this that loneliness is the best weapon because you have enough amount of time to spend with you, to find yourself.

At last, try to interact with more people and made at least one friend.

Please reply whether it is helpful to you or not.

Good luck, god bless .