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What do you recommend i do..

My “bestfriend” doesn’t even worry about me. But yet when she was going through her break up I wasn’t feeling good I was there to hug her & being there for her I dropped everything and went with her. One time I even missed work for like 3 days for her. And now that I’m feeling super lonely. She doesn’t even text me back. Maybe it’s the age gap? I’m 24, and she’s 38.I honestly don’t want to loose her either, but her acting this way is making me want to cut her off slowly, we’ve only known each other for a short amount of time, months..But we were so close at the beginning. Now we hang out now and then. But she’s changed so much. It hurts sometimes cause In a way I understand she went through her break up she’s goin to church now. I’m honestly really glad for her, I’m just not a good person with words, I’m more of an affectionate person. But when I’m feeling down all she says is “I’m sorry” but when she’s down I’m there for her, to hug her & be there for her. She made a new friend her age at that church she’s attending and now she doesn’t even call me, she calls me every 2 days now. We hardly text. And I honestly don’t have any friends, she’s literally my only friend. I’m happy she’s meeting new people but when she talks about them she makes me feel like complete crap. Cause then she says “you don’t do this for me” “omg, look what they gave me” and so on. Idk what to do. I have family but my real family who I was very close to lives far far away but I don’t wanna go back there. I just want someone to hug me & for me to cry without questioning.

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