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What do you recommend i do..

My “bestfriend” doesn’t even worry about me. But yet when she was going through her break up I wasn’t feeling good I was there to hug her & being there for her I dropped everything and went with her. One time I even missed work for like 3 days for her. And now that I’m feeling super lonely. She doesn’t even text me back. Maybe it’s the age gap? I’m 24, and she’s 38.I honestly don’t want to loose her either, but her acting this way is making me want to cut her off slowly, we’ve only known each other for a short amount of time, months..But we were so close at the beginning. Now we hang out now and then. But she’s changed so much. It hurts sometimes cause In a way I understand she went through her break up she’s goin to church now. I’m honestly really glad for her, I’m just not a good person with words, I’m more of an affectionate person. But when I’m feeling down all she says is “I’m sorry” but when she’s down I’m there for her, to hug her & be there for her. She made a new friend her age at that church she’s attending and now she doesn’t even call me, she calls me every 2 days now. We hardly text. And I honestly don’t have any friends, she’s literally my only friend. I’m happy she’s meeting new people but when she talks about them she makes me feel like complete crap. Cause then she says “you don’t do this for me” “omg, look what they gave me” and so on. Idk what to do. I have family but my real family who I was very close to lives far far away but I don’t wanna go back there. I just want someone to hug me & for me to cry without questioning.

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Quite a few hugs ...Can ya still breathe?...LOL Well, ya dont mention a possible BF but, going to this new church, Im sure she's likely making herself "available"..Right?..Im sure its not an age thang or you woulda suspected THAT before now ..right? Ive been both 24 and 38 ,unfortunely not at the same time so I cant be sure....LOL (plus Im a guy so...LOL) (Just tryin to get a lil smile from ya :):) :) Yeah, Im sure you'd agree that this church is now a big part of her social life and likely provides any emotion support when needed...Ill bet if she truly KNEW what kinda effect this was havin on ya, she'd at least make sure you were part of her weekly phone contacts...You, by admission saying your not very vocal, tells be that you chicken out each time the opportunity arises to be alittle vunerable, tellin her ya miss the past closeness of your friendship? Heck, she may not realize, she's your only friend right this minute and could assume that her lack of contact isnt a big deal. Id have to know what you guys talk about to know the closeness ya still DOOO have?.. You saying, you not havin any friends, which honestly breaks my heart, is surely making the importance of "having"her friendship in your life, more paramount. (would ME too.... so please dont feel any guilt for that... sheesh we're only human ..right?)...Man .... You guys need one of those TUB of ice cream, PJ wearin, all night chick flix, girl bonding style evenings like they used to do in the 80s. NO... social media..LOL... I can see myself feelin like crap, if a good musician buddy was in a new clique of bands in another city and I was bandless where I was and He was speaking highly of the new area, so I get how it makes ya feel... Yeah, wanna downplay it so it will make her see, she still needs you for a friend as well. (kinda my take anyway?) If it were Me, Id let it ride for a while, accepting the contact ya DO get from her... Let the newness of the church wear off a bit, kinda see where she "settles"...In mean time girl, we gotsta get you out and about with Things to do, places to go and ppl to SEE / MEET.. IM sure theres a cute guy out there waitin on a young lady who's affectionate/ nurturing/attentive which Im bettin your all 3.Make sure He's deserving and reciprocates these quality's as well. Hope ya at least feel some what better comin here? Yo cry all ya want girl get that toxicity out... We're here with ya! Hell, I was the one cryin 2 months ago and still do on occasion. Keep writing if its helping!

Whoever wrote that. Thank you very much...it made me cry a bit of joy. Can you please give me your Snapchat or social media or something so I can Thank you enough😭 those words made me smile and feel better :’) and I would like to tell you the complete story... these words were so nice 

Hey! Im back. So glad to hear your feeling better, and happy I could be a part of that.Well, the truth is... ya ready?....LOL Im kinda a 20 C guy ( lil older than you...OK ... ALOT....LOL) and barely know what snapchat is. Heck, Im BARELY on FB , which has been hacked twice so Im honestly not on there much. (only to DM , hang out on music related pages). My wall is even shut down , unless I post a live video...I only have one E mail addy and to be honest, I have no young ppl around to help me to protect myself. Gosh, my computer is 20 yrs old, still running WIN 7 , which is no longer supported, so no anti virus really protects me anymore...Now, ya wanna lil laugh tonite? OK, here goes ..LOL.... MY FLIP PHONE, I had up till 2013 , rolled its self BACK to 96 on JAN 1st so the sim card was no good. Didnt have internet or text , it was JUST aPH.. (can you imagine..LOL) Now, the smart phone I have NOW is VERY basic, (7 yrs old ) and not very powerful and I dang sure cannot text storys on this site b/c it would have takin me 6 months to write , what I wrote to you..LOL .Im a keyboard guy and can only (BE ME my style/personality) of writing like Im TALKING to ya face to face) using this OLD computer.Came here 3 months ago to post my gut wrenching story about a "forbidden love" ..(kinda ..LOL) of an ole hopeless romantic livin in the 80s who falls in love w/ a 21st C girl.... EEEK... (do tell..LOL).. Got no responses but a few emojis...Im over it now but decided to hang out her to learn from others and, in turn, respond to articles I feel I can be of help. OLE BOY...., am I EVER learning !...I would share a social media site w/ ya if social media was a big part of my life but, I kinda live in the past, (my profession of classic rock musician makes it EASY..LOL) cause I still have the heart/ soul /spirit of my hayday in the 80s, BUT... the "body" KNOWS its the 21st...LOL(its not that bad) Anyway girl, Im flattered that you'd want me to join you on those sites and your appreciation is heart warming and noted, but Id be happy to hear more about this right here if ya wanna continuing sharing?... i might have some questions for you as well you could help me with?....Hope your still smiling and feeling better tonite!