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lonely ...

Today started off different , i woke up late tho around 1:00pm but it was great because i got in more sleep than usually . i just stayed in bed to watch tv and read . my mom texts me say " whenever you wake up , you come and speak " i already knew today something was gonna go wrong , and when i mean wrong i mean i was going to be in my sad, my feelings , my loneliness again . 3 hours later my mom yells at me because i forgot to clean the trash cans outside , so i went outside did as i were told . Then its like whenever my mom yells at me i get those goosebumps and the chills , everything feels cold ... lonely . Next thing you know ,my mom yelling at everyone who is me and my sisters of course . throwing stuff downstairs , and yells at me with hurtful words . Knowing me i cut on my sad playlist and just start to clean to get my mind off the things ,y mother said to trigger my loneliness , my sad state of mind . i sit down and just thoughts run throughout my mind ... My mom always wants me to open up to her , to tell her how i feel but every-time i do i get yelled at , she tells me im wrong . i literally have to no one to talk to in this house , my dad doesn't even want to be bothered with me . a few years ago i thought i could trust a counselors in 7th grade i told her everything , but she told my mom , when i told her not to . my mom came picked me up and yelled at me for being sad , for expressing myself and the way i felt i got yelled at , i never understood why .