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Why can’t I find a friend who won’t ghost me. Who will make time for me. Who will care about me cause I give that to everyone but somehow ppl just don’t see me as a friend or anything. I’m at the point in my life where I really need a friend and it hurts even more cause I try and they just ghost me. Like did I do something wrong cause I know I’m nothing more than a quick conversation till you get bored. Fuck bro I just want someone to care about me. I wanna feel that again. I want to love someone again.

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Re: Lonely

If you wanna feel being loved by a person. You better learn to love yourself so that you won't be disappointed to the person you wanted the most. Also give time to yourself, never depend yourself to others. They might be there for you sometimes but sometimes it's okay to be alone. Don't think about others, what matters right now is you. You're feelings, yourself and how you managed to love yourself more. So cheer up!

Its because we still haven't met broo

Maybe add me in discord


I'm also lonely and want to find someone to talk with cause I feel out of place in this little party now in my neighborhood. I'm not a fan of this party thing so I just find a spot and sit and sleep.