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I been lonely seen quarantine hit, nobody text or chat me of how I feel, For me it is hard to make friends, I'm to silent when someone is talking, maybe I just like listening to people than talking to them.😕 I know for u guys ita not that deep but for me its like a deserted island, just only me and the tumbleweed crossing in front.

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Re: Lonely...

Tumble weed? on a deserted island? Where you at?.Works for me!..LOL Well, no body's yaakin but me here in your space right now... Just you , me and tumbleweed make three (hey... not bad..LOL) Pretty quiet this morning, Ill be quiet here in a min....Let you chat a bit if you'd like?...Whats shakin for today?Whats been the most emotionally trying for you during this very lonley time effecting us one and all? Are ya by yourself?.Isolation is a KILLER , so I try to get out everyday in some capacity... Gotsta have knee surgery in JAN so imma head out in zeecold rain and get my walk in, then head to the store for glue to fix a gtr amp chassis...Hey, if comin here has made ya feel alittle LESS lonley,share some more if ya feel compfortable. Ya like walk in the cold rain?...LOL...OH, BTW, Im on a computer , older than most here, (WIN 7 .. no updates) so tell me what that emoji is after the word "them"?... Hope your havin a better day today!

hey heYYy lemme joinn- op, the user before me, tumbleweed, and me makes four people! It would be so fun to chat with you if you dont mind :>> We can all just chill on the sand of the deserted island yk? Kinda just forgetting all the problems and negativity for even a moment or two would be nice. I hope you feel better soon. If you feel lonely just look at pictures of things you love to cheer you up. Have a nice day <3