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Lonely socially inept prepubescent balding young adult and needs your help!!

I was fine with talking to other people up till 6th or 7th grade. Ever since then idk why but Im just really nervous about talking to people, strangers, and even certain family members sometimes. I dont think i was ever diagnosed with social anxiety. I was always the quiet kid in school who never talked. It has gotten better a bit over the years but its still super hard for me to put myself out there and find new friends. Im a gamer and the community can be toxic. That is one thing that also makes me nervous. My voice is also high pitched and my hair is receding and im only 19 and can only grow a dirty blond mustache. I also havent dated a single girl for these 19 years. I try to stream on twitch to have someone to chat with and practice my people skills but no body watches and chats. Just thinking about talking to people makes me nervous. If i could actually make friends i could feel good about my self. Any help with this would do!