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lonely soul

I have trust issues. Failed friendships in the past have made me scared of trusting people because they end up hurting me often. No one understands, they even go to the extent of calling me a sociopath because I have no friends. Will I always be lonely? No one would go that extra mile for me, its always me who is constantly caring for people around me while im treated like crap. I stopped believing in love, now should i stop believing in friendship as well??

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Re: lonely soul

As a fellow, who doesnt give much meaning to a word ''friendship'' or the meaning behind it, i understand your post. While i cant tell you if you will be lonely or not, trust issues are hard to fix. Very hard, and i say this as a misanthrope who absolutely hates interactions with humans, when my threshold for bullshit is filled. I just dont wanna be around them, anymore. Dont let anyone walk over you, i believe in choices, and both you and me, have to be selective, who we let in our surroundings.