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Long distance

Would you drop everything to be with someone you love ? Would you quit your job to be with someone that treats you like garbage. Would you leave everything to be with someone that doesn't make you feel happy? I am having troubles with knowing what to do. I want to be happy self worth . Not self degrading self hating myself because someone tells me what to do. He wants me to move out in a different state and help with his music career. I don't know anybody who lives there. I only know him. I have second thoughts because he told me that this wasn't a relationship. He wants to wait for me to show up and be with him. He blames me alot for his loneliest.

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Re: Long distance

Ummm idk you definitely need to be sure its what you want. Have you ever met the person? Id be cautious . Not to a good start if he's blaming you for his problems.n if he teats u like garbage n your not happy with him then most definitely not! Your happiness is important too.