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Loosing weight

I know this isnt as serious as most stuff people post on here but i need help.

Ive been trying to loose weight for years now and i just cant do it. I get really excited and stick to it for a month then i get depressed and go back to eating crap! I hate my body i hate how i look so much that i used to carve ugly into my body with a knife and once a bully at college done it for me cos he saw my scars. My boyfriend says he loves me as i am and im so grateful for that but its not enough for me to see that im pretty in the mirror or when i look down.

Anyone have any tips for sticking to things?! I really need this cos ive just been going down hill and i dont want to get any bigger.

Pls help thank you

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Re: Loosing weight

First of all don’t undermine your problems, this is serious for a number of reasons:

  1. its become a trigger for your depression
  2. you’re bullied for it
  3. it affects yourself image
  4. affects your confidence and self esteem
  5. could cause you health problems on the long run
  6. its never easy

And I know because I’m overweight myself, I’ve struggled for years to lose weight, I also cannot stick to a plan or a diet or a workout for long

But what helps the most is accepting yourself and accepting your body, always start very small I’ve seen some results after replacing sugar with stevia sweetener, regular salt with pink himalayen salt, cut off soda drinks, drink more water, and sometimes I push my self hard to maintain a daily workout routine for only 15 minutes

I lost some weight that was mostly water retention nothing more but I’m not gaining more weight, and I feel better about my health I wish I could cut carbs or stick to a diet but I’m taking it in baby steps to make these changes and substitutions permanent without feeling deprived of something, I’ll let go when I chose that this is now the lifestyle for me

And by being accepting of your body and who you are you won’t be attracting bullies. I personally still look at the mirror and feel disgusted by my body but I tell myself if you don’t do something about it, then don’t whine.

Not everyone can commit to a new lifestyle out of the blue, and people are very different in making changes about your life, so just do it your way however you’re comfortable to.

I hope this helps.