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Lose the bet, have to date the ugliest girl

I'm still hurt by this. Yesterday I was hanging out with some friends. A few of the guys that I thought were my friends really hurt my feelings. We were at my friend's house and I was sitting at her kitchen table. Around the corner I heard my so called guy friends talking softly but it was loud enough to where I could hear every word. They didn't know I was just around the corner. I overheard them making a bet. They bet that which ever one of them lost the bet, that the loser had to go out on a date and try to kiss the ugliest girl they knew. I heard one of the guys say my name. I knew they were talking about me because I'm the only one they know with my name. Anyways, the other guys were all say stuff like eww, gross, and laughing. I just sat there about to cry but I held it in. One of the jerks came around the corner and saw me sitting there. I wish you could have seen the look on his face knowing that I just overheard everything they said. I just got up, looked straight at him with the hardest look I believe I ever gave anyone in my life, and calmly went out the door, got in my car, and drove home. Crying the entire time. Those idiot guys that I thought was my friends have been trying to call me and sending me texts appologizing but I haven't responded to any of them. After the jerky guy saw that I heard everything, I know he told the other jerky guys that I was right there the entire time and heard everything. It's still bothers me. It hurts quite bad to be honest.

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Re: Lose the bet, have to date the ugliest girl

I'm gonna be honest with you m8, beauty standards, don't exist and those fuck heads don't know shit. No one is technically ugly and it's all just made up shit to make people feel bad (especially women cuz yeah but it goes for all genders) the fact that they're judging people by their looks, is pretty fucking stupid. Their opinions don't matter because they think that because they are brainwashed by European beauty standards from the 1600's,. Basically you ain't ugly they're just judgmental asswipes.