losing friends

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after going fully online for school, i joined stan twitter and made some really close friends who helped me a lot and we’ve been friends for 9 months now and i really considered them my closest friends but now they barely talk to me and talk to each other instead. they tweet these things that sound really specifically directed towards me but i’m not positive as we all have a lot of moots on twitter, but it will be like- i tweet something and then seconds later, they’ll tweet something random like “i don’t care” or “oomf is really getting on my nerves rn”. ive even asked one of them about it asking if i did something wrong but they said no to worry about it and that it was about someone else. but i’m not convinced at all. i really think they hate me now and i wish i knew why. they always interact with each other and never with me anymore even though they know i’m active on there. i know you’ll probably say to just leave, and i have considered it but i still miss them and i’m too attached, which is pathetic cause i know they probably don’t feel the same way about me. i don’t know what’s wrong with me but i can never keep a friend. they always leave me, or drop me out of no where and i thought this time would be different but it’s not. they’re all i have left and they just don’t seem to care about me anymore which hurts. anyways yeah i just wanted to rant. idk this is stupid