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Losing friends

I found out today i might be moving to a new district. My parents say its just a thought but thats the same thing they told me and my sister before moving states. The thing that worries me most is my friends. I struggle with keeping relationships and everything epescially because of abbandoment issues and the such but i have kept two friends for my entire 5 years living here. The thing about them is they never text back or text me unless i do it first. I only really had a consistant relationship when i saw them at school and had classes but because I might be moving districts it also means schools as well and I'm so afraid they'll stop putting the effort and just stop being friends with me. That happened to my friends from my old state that i grew up with and they stopped after a week. It just scares me that I'll lose them i wouldve been dead without them and them just leaving me doesnt sit right.

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Moving schools is hard, it is for everyone. But if you keep on putting efforts in to keeping the friends you have then you can still be friends with them as long as they want to be friends with you aswell. I have had this same experience in the past with my friends and because we both put efforts into staying with eachother, even if we can't be with eachother in person its ok it your not always there sometimes a little space is needed in friendship.