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Losing my V card

I'm 24 and I'm already married and one day, my husband suddenly open the topic of starting a family or making a baby. I confessed to him that nobody ever touch me nor saw my naked body or to tell the truth, I'm a virgin. He was so shock, of course and I told him that I do want to have a baby and start a life with him, but I'm still afraid. It is not like I don't trust him but there are so many people that keeps telling me that it hurts like hell, that I will bleed if we do that and so many more. It makes me afraid and frustrated. So what should I do? I'm happy that my husband will be my first and I do want to have a baby with him, to start a family, but I'm still afraid and scared to lose my virginity.. What should I do?

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Re: Losing my V card

Go for it

you will have to lose it at some point in your life. Just tell him how you feel so that he knows to be slow and careful with you.