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Losing the battle with mental health

Mental disorders

Living with bpd, ptsd, ocd, psychosis. Every time I relapse back into that deep dark hole, the more I lose the fight to live.

people say keep fighting but how can you find the strength to continuously fight a losing battle everyday? How can you regrow that hope inside when every time you think you’ve reached a new height, it all dissolves faster than it grew? It feels heavier and heavier each time and I want to let go now, but they want me to carry on this battle for them.

My cry for help is over I don’t want help, I just want peace now how can I get them to let me go? Someone asked me why do you make it out to be so bad surely it’s not you can keep going, I told them would you ask a terminal cancer patient to keep fighting just for you? Or would you rather they be at peace? Because mental disorders are almost like a cancer to your mental health some it’s terminal, others not. Please stop asking them to fight when they no longer can just offer them comfort and bring them peace.

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Re: Losing the battle with mental health

Don't worry Brother/sister,

Everything will get better and bigger. Just keep faith in the almighty that he has a plan. Don't give up on yourself and your life. Everything will lead to something big. You are firework and one say you will boom up in the sky. Believe in your higher power and take it one day at a time.

Love and kudos for opening up!

I don't know what you are truly going through. I have got over 2 suicide attempts which I am glad. I am still suffering from depression. I didn't know I was suffering it nor had it for years. Now that I am much older I kinda understand it but never get any help apart from reading others' stories, those who are suffering from mental health issues. I know it is different for everyone but you could try this. I find that reading others' stories I can reflect on my own and see that It was not that bad at all and see what I can do to overcome it. I also use this type of platforms just to talk to strangers and help them. (to help myself but ended helping others LOL never give out your personal info though!) I wish you luck and hope you can overcome. I know it is hard, just bear with it. You will find that light! <3